On the Tuesday evening of January 3rd at Village Academy High School in Pomona, over 175 high school seniors and college students in the Bright Prospect Program gathered for pizza, friendship, stories and advice. The annual Old-New Meeting gives Bright Prospect high school seniors the rare and unique opportunity to ask college students anything they want to know about college. Twelve different high schools were represented at the Old-New Meeting – Ganesha, Garey, Pomona, Montclair, Ontario, Fremont, Palomares, Chaffey, Chino, Village Academy, School of Arts and Enterprise, and Charter Oak. After the event, Pomona High School senior Albert Guadarrama said, “I feel more secure about the transition to college and look forward to coming back to see friends at next year’s Old-New Meeting. I am also proud of my peers. We should get ready to change the world because together we can make a huge difference.”

At the end of the group sessions, high school students stood up to share tips that they had received from a college student such as: to learn time management, be yourself because people will learn from you, be open to new experiences, connect with professors and counselors, not to cram or procrastinate, sit in the front row, answer the professor’s questions, register early, and if you are going to college to party, then not to bother going at all. Ganesha High School senior Abel Cervantes thanked the Bright Prospect staff for organizing the event and college students for their guidance. He said, “It is a privilege to be a part of this extended family. It also means a lot to me to see college kids coming back and showing appreciation for where they came from. It’s the start of a perpetual cycle of people going to college to make our community a better place.”