Bright Prospect announces the merging of its two programs which will maximize efficiencies, eliminate duplication, and most importantly, have a more profound impact on the growing numbers of students with whom the organization works. Effective January 2012, the consolidated program conserves the strengths and practices of both programs, and debuts a new logo to reflect Bright Prospect’s expansion.

The Scholar Support Program, founded in 2002, guided high-achieving low-income students selected as juniors towards admission to the nation’s premier private colleges and universities. Bright Prospect Scholars attend or have graduated from 11 of the 15 highest-ranked national universities (including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Dartmouth and MIT); 20 of the top 25 ranked liberal arts colleges (including Pomona College, Scripps, Amherst, Williams, Swarthmore and Wellesley); as well as many UC campuses.  The Academy of Young Scholars Program, founded in 2006, worked with larger numbers and a broader range of high school students, starting the summer after their 9th grade year of high school, to guide students with college potential in planning for college, developing the necessary skill sets, and becoming part of a college-going culture and peer-support system at their high schools.  In 2011, Bright Prospect worked with 1000 high school and college students combined.  Ninety-five percent of Bright Prospect’s college students have either graduated or are on track to do so.

With the programs merged into one, all students benefit from college readiness programming from the ninth grade on, and all high school seniors receive college application guidance toward the institutions each is qualified for, including community colleges, Cal States,  UC’s, private liberal arts colleges and Ivy League universities.  Bright Prospect mentors its students until they graduate from college.  The organization’s hallmark college retention strategy is the “crews” system, wherein students attending the same college are organized into peer support groups with a leader who has specific responsibilities to report to staff and ensure that crew members are accessing the support they need to persist until graduation.

The high schools where Bright Prospect conducts its consolidated program are Fremont Academy, Palomares Academy, Pomona, Garey and Ganesha High Schools in Pomona Unified School District, as well as Ontario and Montclair High Schools in the Chaffey Joint Union High School District.