The Arsalyn Program is an initiative of the Ludwick Family Foundation that promotes civic awareness and political participation among high school students. Every year the Arsalyn Program takes a group of students to Sacramento to learn about our state government.  From June 25th-28th, ten Bright Prospect college students and alumni volunteered to help the Arsalyn Program by chaperoning a group of 120 high school students from all over California. The week incorporated political speakers such as lobbyists and representatives, simulated the creation of bills and building campaigns, and included a tour of  the state Capitol Building. The students and alumni who served as chaperones were Phu Nguyen (Wesleyan), Sandra Mancilla (Bates ’10), Jocelyn Gutierrez (UCSB ’10), Maria Valencia (CSU Long Beach ’13), Julie Sanchez (Princeton ’14), Daniela Luna (Occidental ’15), Soleil Burgess (Cal Poly Pomona ’14), Eduardo Mercado (UCSC ’13), Noé Hernandez (Carleton ’11), and Ryan Mei (Dartmouth ’12). Daniela Luna said she had “a really good experience learning from older Bright Prospect alumni. I look forward to working with the Arsalyn Program again.”