Before their journey to college, the recently graduated class of 2012 attended the Pre-College Retreat. The two day event gave students the chance to learn more certain aspects of college if they had any questions before going.  Throughout both days, students participated in various workshops and activities including a college student Q&A panel, where the students asked current college students about their social and academic experiences in school and a presentation on relationship building, where students were prepared for not only building relations in college, but also maintaining their current relationship with friends and mentors. In addition to workshops that are designed to prepare and inform students, there were also activities designed to strengthen relationships among their new College CREWS. On the first day, students participated in Comedy Sportz, an improv show where students themselves perform for their fellow peers. During the course of the second day, more fun activities brought students together, including an exercise where students anonymously tapped one another on their backs corresponding to certain influences such as “someone who made you laugh” or “someone who you look up to”. The final event was the “No Talent Talent Show. Students created and performed acts with their CREW members. The two day event was a success, with students learning more about college and bonding with their crew. Josue Lopez, who will be attending UC Santa Cruz in the fall, said “It was a brilliant idea. We depend on people. It’s not all about yourself. To be successful, you need to have communication in your life.”

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