Crew coach Kendra Pineda and Program Director Timothy Sandoval met up with Cal Poly Pomona’s BP CREW this past weekend at the campus’s Rose Garden for a picnic in the sun.  The picnic was a chance for Cal Poly Crew members to meet each other, share stories, and make new friends. The students participated in a meet and greet and student panel where younger BP students received some helpful information from the older CREW members. Juan Madrigal (class of ’10) and Alicia Sanchez (class of ’09) shared their enthusiasm for their communications major and plan to help each other with their studies. Bright Prospect is committed to supporting our students through their undergraduate careers and building a community where our students find the support they need. “We want to build something,” said Kendra in an interview “and we need our CREW members’ help to achieve it”. Kendra and Tim plan to have a gathering again in December to touch base with their CREWs before the end of the holiday season.