As the first semester comes to an end, students reflect on their experiences and prepare for next semester. Advice is often sought, particularly from Bright Prospect’s first year students. Just the other day, one student called up Senior Program Coordinator Kendra Pineda saying that she desired to transfer from her school. The student felt that she was not getting what she wanted and that she needed to leave town in order to leave her comfort zone. This not uncommon. Many young undergrads, when they are not feeling a part of their campus, question whether they chose the right school. Kendra spoke to the student and helped her to realize why she was feeling what she was feeling. What triggered her doubt, why was she feeling stuck, was she really making an effort? Kendra urged the student to “own” her campus and suggested joining a club or organization, forming a relationship with a professor, or attending a school event with a new friend. Bright Prospect tells students that not only will getting involved make your time as an undergrad more enjoyable, but it will help you develop both academically and socially.