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Written by Juan Madrigal – Poly Post Staff Writer and Bright Prospect student

Out of 100 colleges and universities across the nation, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine ranked Cal Poly Pomona 89th on its list of the top value universities in America. CPP is no stranger to the best value list. In fact, CPP moved up three spots this year from its rank at 92nd last year. CPP Communication Specialist Justin Velasco said that the University has maintained its place on the list because of high four-year graduation rates, available financial aid and low total debt after graduation.

The university has 19,399 undergraduate students and a 13 percent four-year graduation rate. Although only the four-year graduation rate is mentioned, the six-year graduation rate is also high, at 51 percent. Velasco also mentioned how the amount of financial aid the school gives students is very high. Approximately 60 percent of students who apply for financial aid get it. CPP alumna Maria Garcia said she could not be happier to have graduated from CPP because she had everything she needed on campus.

“The people running this school really do try to give the students the best college experience possible, and whenever people may have trouble finding a solution to a problem, someone will always be there to guide you,” said Garcia.

Mark Thomas, a fourth-year english student, is one of the students who has been helped by CPP’s financial aid. “CPP offers great financial aid and it has helped me with every thing,” said Thomas. “I came here because I was being offered a lot more money than over at Cal State Long Beach.” As far as student debt is concerned, Velasco said CPP students’ debt is “rather low” when compared to other schools. The College Board website said that CPP graduates usually leave school with approximately $16,701 in debt. Although this may seem like a lot of money, students who graduate from Cal State Northridge will owe more than double that number, around $35,000.

According to Doug Freer, vice president of student affairs, CPP has always prided itself in having the best education possible for students, and he is extremely satisfied to see the college’s efforts recognized on the national level. Freer explained that CPP is a place where students learn through hands-on projects and obtain the necessary tools to succeed in their future professional employments. Freer also said that because of the school’s connections to internships and companies, students are able to get their foot in the door early in their college experience. “Discipline is definitely obtained through the various internships and partners that the school has,” said Freer.

Third-year Civil Engineer student Jessica Perez, agrees with Freer and believes that the opportunities she found at CPP were so valuable that the University deserves to be recognized. She feels that the school offers great programs for the students at an affordable price.

“This is a huge deal for a lot of people because most alumni that I know obtained a job during their senior year,” said Perez. “It was all thanks to the connections professors have with outside companies.”