On Tuesday, January 22, Adriana Briones (Bright Prospect), Jason Cordova (Bright Prospect) and Lonneshia Webb (KIPP Through College) met with the UC Irvine SoCal CAN Crew in a general meeting at the Pacific Ballroom in UCI’s Student Center. The 19 attendees were students from 3 different programs: Bright Prospect, KIPP Through College, and USC-NAI.

 The three Crew coaches reintroduced themselves to the students, welcoming them to the meeting and letting them know that the purpose of the meeting was primarily to hear about how they were all doing and discuss their fall quarter. The students were asked to identify the biggest challenges they faced during their fall quarter and to discuss how they planned to overcome those challenges during their winter quarter or to share how they overcame those challenges if they had already done so.

The students were enthusiastic about sharing what they learned with the rest of the group and many were curious to hear about the challenges affecting their peers. Among some of the topics discussed, one of the older students, Marcus Manalac ’15, stood up and addressed the students, encouraging them to build a stronger connection to their campus and bond with other students in a social setting as opposed to going home every weekend. Many students were comfortable with sharing that they had struggled academically, and many others shared information about the resources on campus such as the Learning and Academic Resource Center (LARC), the writing center, and free science tutoring on campus. All 19 students that attended the meeting expressed that they would like to make the next meeting a social activity on campus and said that they are looking forward to the next visit from their coaches.