Wendy Pernal (Chino High School, Class of 2007) is finishing her Master’s in Counseling Psychology at Northeastern University in Boston. Last year, she had a fellowship working with The Institute on Urban Health Research, a public health institute that works with disenfranchised populations in Boston. She started as a research assistant and soon became a project co-manager, running a reproductive health study that helps women recovering from heroin addiction to prevent unintended pregnancy. After her most recent fellowship ended in December, Wendy took another position at The Institute of Urban Health Research. She currently works as a research assistant and grant writer for the head of the institute and former Boston Public Health Commissioner, John Auerbach. She is in the process of planning a large forum on violence which will include experts from Northeastern, Harvard, and Boston Public Health Commission. She has also interned as a family advocate and counselor for D.O.V.E. (Domestic Violence Ended).

When she graduates in early May, Wendy  will take the national exam for counseling psychology practitioners. After she passes, Wendy can be licensed after 2 years of full time work with supervision. She plans to attain her PhD in clinical psychology and continue her career in Southern California where she hopes to open clinics for low-income and minority individuals who cannot afford mental health care.

Wendy sends her love and thanks to the whole Bright Prospect family!