ImageRyan (Xiaoxiong) came to the U.S. from China at the age of 15 speaking no English whatsoever. He struggled to convince counselors to put him in more advanced classes even though he was still learning English – which he mastered in two years. Ryan’s big breakthrough came in his junior year at Ontario High School when he joined the school’s Academic Decathlon team, and the theme that year was China!  He became a beloved and valued member of the team and developed deep bonds of friendship for the first time in the U.S. Also that year, he was introduced to Bright Prospect, an organization he would soon consider a second family. Bright Prospect helped Ryan achieve his dream of attending college in the States by guiding him through the application and decision-making process. Ryan passed 9 AP tests, scored 800 on both the SAT Math Reasoning Test and the SAT Math Level 2 Subject Test, which made him a strong college candidate.  He attended Dartmouth College and while there, interned with companies in the financial sector and studied abroad twice in Germany.  Ryan graduated from Dartmouth in 2012 with a degree in Economics and German Studies.  He is now an Associate Analyst II at Liberty Mutual in Boston, and is an active participant in the Bright Prospect Alumni Network, sharing information and opportunities with the Bright Prospect students in the Boston area.