Image ImageWhen artistic twins Edgar and Oscar graduated from Ganesha High School in Pomona, they had sketchbooks full of drawings but they had never worked with any other medium but pencil. However with guidance from Bright Prospect, they were able to attend Connecticut College, one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation, where they broadened their repertoire of mediums and acquired an array of graphic art skills. Oscar interned at an animation studio called XVIVO which he says “combined with the support of Bright Prospect allowed me to hone in on a profession that I would truly enjoy for the long run.” Meanwhile Edgar interned for the unified school district of New London and used his animation and design skills to construct a new website for them. Edgar says that “Bright Prospect was always a phone call away and having other fellow BP students on campus was also motivating and encouraging.” While at school, the brothers also did community service and even painted a mural at the Apostlic Cathedral of Hope in New London. With the experience that they gained while in college, Edgar and Oscar were both able to obtain coveted jobs at Riot Games as character artist for the world’s most popular online multiplayer pc videogame, League of Legends. “In retrospect,” Oscar says, “a liberal arts education from Connecticut College helped me to develop precious, social, communication, speech and leadership qualities that allow me to keep advancing my career.”