On Saturday, March 9th, at Pomona College, Bright Prospect organized the Spring Crew Connect for high school seniors. Seeing how many of our students are beginning to receive college acceptance letters this Crew Connect focused on one of the many crucial aspects of college life…social interactions with peers! Their day revolved around icebreakers, meeting students from other schools, and simulating a college-style freshman orientation on an actual college campus. One of the more powerful exercises called “Candy Introductions” gave our students the opportunity to open up to complete stranger, and feel comfortable doing it. The exercise involved the candy skittles who’s color coordinated with a question. The question served as a more personal introduction;  for example if you picked a green skittle you could have the option of answering “What motivates you the most to graduate from college?”. After the day was over many of our students were surprised to find that even though they were going to different schools they shared many of the same fears and thoughts about going away to college, and they were grateful to have each other and Bright Prospect there to support them.