Last week, Debbie Gallardo, a dedicated member of Bright Prospect’s staff, went on a weeklong trip to the East Coast to visit Bright Prospect college students and connect with their colleges. Debbie first landed in New York for one-on-one meetings with students currently enrolled at Columbia, Barnard, and Kings College to discuss college plans, major decisions, and any family or personal issues they might have living so far from home. Debbie then attended the first Bright Prospect alumni mixer to take place outside of Pomona, a great milestone for an organization that has now grown large enough to have alumni communities outside of the Inland Empire. Thanks to the mixer, alumni were able to see that, even after college, the Bright Prospect family can remain an active and supportive part of their lives as they developed connections in the city. Debbie then attended the Pike Tour in Boston, a trip to Worchester Polytechnic Institute, Badson College, Emerson College, and the College of the Holy Cross for college admissions counselors. After visiting with admissions offices, taking tours of the colleges, and getting a feel for each school, Debbie will now be able to provide even greater support for Bright Prospect students as she guides them through the college process. In photo, Debbie poses with Cesar Rodriguez at WPI.