Bright Prospect’s students may join the program in California, but many choose institutions outside of our state. Massachusetts is one such popular collegiate destination.  Bright Prospect currently has students attending Boston College, Wellesley, WPI, Harvard, MIT, and Holy Cross. As the world is aware, there was a great tragedy last week when two terrorists set off bombs at the Boston Marathon. College Program Coordinator Debbie Gallardo contacted all of our students in the area and fortunately everyone was safe, even Mario Rodriguez who attends MIT and was volunteering at the marathon. Wellesley Crew Leader, Alison Nikyar, tells us that the first thing she did when she heard about the bombings was to check on all the Bright Prospect students at her campus. The Bright Prospect staff were all glad to hear that the Crews System worked in the wake of tragedy, with Bright Prospect students checking in on one another and offering companionship and emotional support. A Bright Prospect hug to all who have been affected by this horrific tragedy, and keep loving and supporting one another.