Thursday, April 25 marked the beginning of Bright Prospect’s 2013 College Decision Day Series. Thirty-one seniors got their time to shine, as they stood up in front of a room full of Bright Prospect sophomores and juniors, Ganesha High School administrators and teachers, the Pomona Unified Superintendent, Richard Martinez and School Board President, Roberta Perlman to announce where they are going to college next year. Ganesha’s Principal Jennifer L. Francev, who has been on maternity leave, came back to school in time to see the event. She told her seniors, “I love coming to this event every year because this is such an inspiration. You guys inspire me.” Not only was the audience inspired, but the seniors were more motivated than ever. Raphael Gutierrez who will be heading off to University of La Verne said, “I asked Jason about why the founders, Eric and Nancy, started Bright Prospect. He said that it was because they believed that education is the great equalizer, and that really spoke to me. I agree. No matter where you come from, we all have the same potential. And getting an education can change your situation and your future.”

Stay tuned for highlights from the upcoming College Decision Days… Garey High School will be next!