Career Day for BlogOn Thursday, May 23rd, 15 volunteers from the community donated their time and expertise to Bright Prospect by participating in Bright Prospect’s very first CAREER DAY. Hosted at the Inter Valley Health Plan facilities, students had the opportunity to hear the inspiring stories of these individuals and ask questions about their journeys, occupations, and even life in general. We had a doctor, a nurse, a lawyer, an engineer, health care administrators, small business executives, artists, social workers, and everything in between. Thank you so much Sherry Berry, Todd Bishoff, Juanita Braunwalder, Frank Canzoneri, Martha Celis, Elizabeth Courtney, Luis Gonzales, Kathleen Hairston, Sandee Hayden, David Hernandez, Elaine Hughes, Lainie Laips, Karen Levin, Johnson Lightfoote, Judy Petersen and Tracey Stoll. You have gave our students a truly unique and memorable experience. Also a special thanks to Marcie Lerner for planning this event and for being our partner. To view more photos, go to the Bright Prospect Facebook Page!