On Friday, June 21st, seven members of the Bright Prospect Dream Team journeyed to Disneyland’s Grand Hotel for the 3rd Annual Youth Philanthropy Connect Conference. The conference consisted of networking, learning and collaborating with presentations from 5 youth-run programs competing for a mini-grant of $1,000 as well as group discussions and workshops on youth leadership. The Bright Prospect Dream Team gave their presentation first, explaining how the group was started, their purpose and activities, their goals, and how they would benefit from the grant. This was a great opportunity for the Dream Team to speak to over 100 individuals about all of the challenges undocumented students must go through in order to attend college. Gema Mendez attended the conference because she thought it was a great opportunity for people to spread the word on what AB-540 students are, and how they too have dreams of becoming professionals in their fields after graduating college. Special thanks to the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation and Youth Philanthropy Connect for recognizing the Bright Prospect Dream Team and granting them this opportunity to learn and develop. And based on the photo below, the conference was a lot of fun, too! (Left to right: Dalia Garcia, Karen Romero, Jesus Nevarro, Gema Mendez, Abel Rodriguez, Juana Rodriguez, Enrique Moran, and Yaritza Moran.)Image