By: Juan Madrigal

Resumes are extremely important for students applying to colleges as well as for scholarships, internships and jobs. On Thursday, June 27th, about 90 students from the Chaffey Joint Union District (Ontario and Montclair high schools), came to the office for a resume and scholarship workshop led by Maria Huerta and Adriana Briones.


Photo taken by Juan Madrigal

Maria walked the students through the process of creating a resume and about the 8 C’s of Resume Writing which include being clear, concise, consistent, creative, considerate, complete, correct and courteous.

Adriana emphasized the importance of scholarships, grants, work study and loans. Not only did she explain each one of these, but she also informed students that college is very affordable; all they need to do is be proactive and resourceful, in order to find the opportunities out there. Adriana also reiterated that there are many local, regional and national organizations that have plenty of money to give out to individuals who would like to pursue higher education.

Students were very happy to have participated in this workshop because they learned about resumes and what they needed to do to obtain financial aid in order to go to college.