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On Tuesday, June 25th, the Bright Prospect office welcomed 15 engineers from Technip, a top-ranking corporation in the field of oil, gas and petrochemical engineering, construction and services. The engineers were volunteering their time and expertise to help guide Bright Prospect’s aspiring engineers.  The event began at 5:30pm with an overview of the purpose of the career event. Then the attendees broke into two groups to speak, spending 20 minutes talking to both groups of engineers. Both high school and college students attended and asked questions ranging from what sort of projects do you work on to what did they ask you in your job interview.

Technip was introduced to Bright Prospect through an alumna from the BP’s Class of 2003, Sahara Ibarra. There is a group of professionals in Technip that are members of YES (Young Engineering Society). They like to give back to the community and therefore Sahara introduced them to Bright Prospect. Last year, Sahara organized the event, but this year Azar Hojbra took the reigns.

Also participating in the event were two Bright Prospect students who are currently working as summer interns at Technip. Yensi Deras is a student at Cal Poly Pomona and Edgar Vasquez is currently attending Harvard Univeristy.

A special thanks to our engineers for donating their time to advice Bright Prospect students: Anomitro Bhowmick, Gary Eagleson, Nicole Felgenhauer, Niloofar Hajibeiklou, Azar Hojabr, Rex Jaime, Kostas Karpodinis, Nathan Lannoy, Johan Lyon, Shailesh Mahapatra, Reyzul Martinez-Aguirre, Sowmya Prabakaran, Jean-Francios Roux, Andrew Rowland, Trent Tieger, Ankit Vaidya, Edgar Vasquez Lopez and Ashley Weinstien.