Bright Prospect hosted a successful Film Festival at the Fox Theater on Tuesday evening. Approximately 200 sophomores from several different high schools attended the event to watch two classic and popular American films.

Students watched The Day the Earth Stood Still first and then had pizza, chips, candy, cookies and drinks of all kinds for dinner. After dinner, Coach Carter was shown and there were many emotional students. Many of them had never seen or even heard of this film before, but it taught them an important lesson; to be resilient and to always try their best in everything they do.

Film Festival2

Students at the Film Festival

The Film Festival is students’ first Bright Prospect activity introducing them to the family-like culture and different type of learning that goes on within the program. Dalia Garcia, a recent Cal Poly Pomona graduate and now a staff member, commented that she was a part of the very first Film Festival in 2006. According to Dalia, the first year this was done, 10 students gathered at the office with blankets and snacks, voting on videos to watch and eventually deciding to watch the first 3o minutes of 5 different movies.

A special thanks to the Fox Theater for donating the space and to all of the interns and volunteers for their hard work. Without their support, this event would not have been possible.

Story by Juan Madrigal, Media Intern