By: Juan Madrigal

For the second year in a row, Bright Prospect college students and alumni attended Arsalyn’s Annual Youth Forum in Sacramento June 24-27. Arsalyn is an organization based in Glendora that promotes youth and civic engagement. This year, the Arsalyn Program hosted 140 students from schools throughout the San Gabriel Valley to participate in the event, and 9 Bright Prospect chaperones helped by managing small groups of participants. Students visited a trip to the state capitol and observed an Assembly session in progress. Once there, students were also able to meet with high level members of the Assembly and Senate. Arsalyn hosts this annual conference in order to give students a sense of what it is like to work for the state government.

Daniela Luna, one of Bright Prospect’s college students who will be transferring from Occidental College to Barnard College in the fall, worked as a chaperone for the second year in a row. She chaperoned a group of 10 participants and enjoyed attending the cultural events, visiting museums, observing political discussions and meeting the guest speakers. Throughout the Forum, Daniela watched participants learning how to network, communicate their opinions and figure out how to research issues to build an argument and defend their viewpoints. She said that she also liked getting to know different perspectives from interacting from other students.

Bright Prospect is proud to partner with organizations such as Arsalyn, providing enrichment opportunities for our students as well as giving our students the opportunity to serve and represent their communities by giving back to others.


Bright Prospect chaparones in photo: Anne Nguyen (Pomona High School 2007, Notre Dame 2012), Inri Constacio (Garey High School 2011, Franklin & Marshall 2015), Alberto Chavez (Garey High School 2011, Cal State LA 2015), Brenda Guzman (Ganesha High School 2009, Beloit College 2013)