By Juan Madrigal

Andy Hill is one of the most interesting people that I have ever met. When I first shook his hand, I was intimidated. I knew immediately that he was a direct person and that the interview would have me on my toes, and boy, was I right! After I introduced myself, he jumped in and began asking me question after question. As an aspiring journalist, I thought to myself “I should be the one asking questions,” and was thus surprised by the situation. After hearing about my life and my aspirations and the fact that I want to go into television, he gave me several tips that would help me obtain what I want in my career and my life. Here are five things I learned from Andy Hill:
andy1. When you interview someone, you NEED to know everything about them. (This is very easy to do since the internet eases the research process.)

2. Make sure to read blogs, newspapers and magazines because you need to be aware of what is happening all over the world, not just in the United States. It is so easy to be caught up in other things such as watching television or hanging out with friends. Doing this could have potential consequences since journalists need to be aware of everything occurring at all times. Andy even recommended being a freelancer and writing blogs about important things happening in the area.

3. First impressions are crucial, and it begins with a firm handshake. (This is very important because it is a sign of confidence. In fact, according to Andy, depending on how firm your handshake is, you could walk out of the interview with a job offer. )

4. There are many opportunities out there, but they will never knock on your door. Through perseverance and audacity, a person is capable of doing great things. We should never stop trying to grow in our professional fields. (Well said, Andy.)

5. Despite what some people may say, if you admire someone’s work, let him/her know. As a soon-to-be senior in college, Andy reiterated the importance of building connections with professional journalists. Andy asked if I had ever attempted to contact the person I looked up to, and I said no. In my mind, I never thought someone such as Ann Curry would even be possible to reach. However, after speaking to Andy, I realized that nothing is impossible. In the following days, I will write a letter to everyone I admire, and the best thing is that I won’t be losing anything by doing this!

If it had not been for Andy’s advice, I would not know how to approach my senior year in college. And I am happy to share all of these tips with you.