By: Juan Madrigal

Bright Prospect students were invited to return to Pomona First Baptist Church to conduct a two-day workshop (July 29 & 30) that has come to be known as the Chinese Student Exchange Connect. Every summer, a group of 90 Chinese Students visit Pomona through a program with the church that takes them to visit colleges, live with American families, and learn about the culture here. This is the 3rd year that Bright Prospect has been invited to organize this event, and it perfectly fits within the busy schedule these Chinese exchange students already have planned for the two weeks that they are here.

This year, as was done last year, three summer interns were selected to plan and execute this event. Lucas Garcia, Jessica Ibarra and Josue Lopez organized the logistics, recruited the other 25 volunteers, facilitated the games and activities and also put together a presentation about college in America. Everyone had a blast playing games while learning about each other’s’ lives and cultures. We look forward to continuing the tradition and spreading the Bright Prospect spirit and experience across the globe.