Lancaster, Pennsylvania has already experienced the power of the Bright Prospect first-year crew, which arrived there only three weeks ago. At Franklin and Marshall College, a Bright Prospect crew of four students reached out to support a student from East Los Angeles who was unaffiliated with a support organization. She was struggling with the transition to her first year of college and was even contemplating leaving the school. Our crew took this student under their wing, making her an honorary crew member: they invited her to their dinner meetings, studied with her, and generally spread the BP love to another member of the F&M community. The student is now doing much better and she is open to giving F&M a shot! We are so proud of our crew for supporting not only each other but other first-generation students through the challenges of adjusting to college. Great job, guys!




From left to right: Gabi Reynoso, Mia Ortiz, Jesus Leyva, Rae Lynn Yanez, and Brenda Guzman.