On December 30, 500 Bright Prospect students got together – the program’s largest assembly ever – for the annual “Old-New Reunion”, where college students home for winter break meet with high school seniors who have just completed the college application process.  This year high school juniors were included in the event as well, to have the opportunity to hear about college life from the college students a year earlier. 


The college students, who are excited to see old friends and to “give back” to younger students, share with the high school students what it has been like to transition to their college environment, the challenges they’ve faced and the opportunities they’ve had, and give advice to those who will soon be following in their footsteps.  For the high school students, The Old-New Reunion is an opportunity to make connections with students attending colleges they have just applied to and to ask questions about particular colleges as well as college in general.  Another element that was new for the event this year was a special session just for the college students, to drive home the importance of building their networks while they are in college and to launch the “Getting Outside of the College Bubble Initiative” – through which Bright Prospect staff will send articles to college students every week to keep them informed about changes taking place in the world they will enter as professionals after they graduate from college. 


The annual Old-New Reunion is part of Bright Prospect’s programming to prepare high school students for college, to make sure they are connected to peers when they get there, and to continue to mentor our college students and give them opportunities to share the wisdom of their experience with younger students.