Meet New Bright Prospect Board Member Kyle Webb

Bright Prospect welcomes our new board member Kyle Webb!

Kyle Webb is the CFO for Webb Family Enterprises, which operates McDonald’s franchises and Webb Family Investments. Webb’s family operates McDonald’s franchises in sixteen communities and their mission is that each community benefits from their operation, as they benefit from their customer’s patronage. The Claremont resident is the youngest of Reggie and René Webb’s three children. He graduated from Morehouse College, with a degree in Business Administration and Finance then worked for the Disney-ABC TV Group in finance. He serves on the University of La Verne College of Business and Public Management Advisory Board, the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House Advisory Council, the McDonald’s of Southern California People Team and Health Care Reform Task Force, and is a member of the National Black McDonald’s Owner Association. In association to his CFO responsibilities, Webb is also responsible for people development and training including teaching management classes and overseeing training ­­­plans and progress for developing managers. Webb sees the possibility of radical expression of communities through service, which leads him to spend much of his time training and motivating employees, and engaging children such that they may be able to fulfill their wildest dreams. Webb enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and watching and participating in sports. We are so happy to have Webb join the Bright Prospect board and know that he will make a valuable and inspirational addition to the team!