Sisters Itzel and Bertha Romero have both found success through Bright Prospect thanks to your support.We love it when younger siblings within the same family follow older siblings’ example, going to and through college with the guidance of Bright Prospect and your support. Here is an example: Itzel and Bertha – the Romero sisters.

Intelligent, determined, and dedicated are just a few words that describe both Itzel Romero, freshman and neuroscience major at UCLA, and younger sister Bertha, who is about to graduate near the top of her class from Pomona High School.

The sisters were raised by their single mom, who moved her family from Mexico to Pomona, California. The transition was difficult. But their mom instilled in her daughters, from a very young age, the value of an education. Both sisters always knew they wanted to go to college—but didn’t know how to achieve this dream.

Then a family member shared with them how Bright Prospect was helping her go to college, and Itzel and Bertha decided to switch to Pomona High School so they could become part of the Bright Prospect program. Their mother fully supported this further step for her daughters’ advancement toward a better future. Itzel reported: “My mom loves Bright Prospect and she is always telling people about the program. When I tell her I am at the Bright Prospect office she knows I am safe.”

From drafts to final submissions, thanks to you Bright Prospect guided Itzel through the lengthy college application process, and she was accepted to the school of her dreams—UCLA. But Bright Prospect support didn’t end there. At UCLA she is an active member of a Bright Prospect college crew. “We do homework and study together which helps all of us to put in the work we need to succeed.” Itzel participates in several campus clubs and activities that enrich the college experience, including an academic and counseling support program for minorities and low income students.

Because of your support, younger sister Bertha is now going through the same college application process and has applied to eleven private liberal arts colleges. She says that she probably would not have thought that going to a four-year college or university would be possible if it were not for the guidance from Bright Prospect. “There is this security about being part of Bright Prospect. Even if you don’t know what college you are going to, you know you are going somewhere.”

Today, Bertha can’t wait to hear from all of the colleges she has applied to.

Learn where Bertha and her classmates will be going to college at Pomona High School’s College Decision Day on April 27 at noon. We invite you to attend College Decision Day, where you will hear the graduates express what going to college will mean to them, on any of these dates at the high school listed:

April 24 at 2:30 p.m.         Montclair HS
April 27 at 12:00 p.m.       Pomona HS
April 28 at 11:30 a.m.       Ontario HS
May 1 at 9:30 a.m.            Ganesha HS
May 1 at 1:00 p.m.            Garey HS

Please let us know if you plan on attending so we can reserve a seat for you.  Kindly RSVP to We hope you’ll join us!

Thank you again for your support. You have made so many students’ college dreams a reality.